Law school class – taught by a real law professor

Participate in your first law school class!

One of the many law school classes at Pre-Law Forum

Every Pre-Law student should take the opportunity to experience a real law school class. Law is taught from real cases, involving real people with real problems. Many law professors use what is known as the “Socratic Method” of teaching. This is a teaching approach where the professor questions the students about various aspects of the case.

Over the years we have been fortunate to have had law professors from different Ontario law schools.  In 2009 Professor Allan Hutchinson (not pictured above), of the Faculty of Law of Osgoode Hall Law School, taught a law school class using a U.K. Court of Appeal decision in Lamb.

To get the full benefits of this experience, you MUST read the case in advance. You will find the case at the following URL. Read it! Print it! Bring it with you! LAMB v CAMDEN BOROUGH COUNCIL

The case and professor for 2010 will be announced shortly!


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