Becoming A Lawyer – No Law School

Yes, it is still possible to become a lawyer in certain U.S. states without attending law school and without taking the LSAT (avoid those logic games).  The concept of becoming a lawyer by attending law school is relatively new. (Ontario did not have law schools until 1957. Until that time the Bar Admission Course consisted of articling.) There are a number of U.S. states that still allow one to become a lawyer through law office study. It is interesting to note that Ontario is now finally considering abolishing the articling requirement. See the following article by Robert Todd on the front page of the February 4, 2008 issue of Law Times “Freight Train of law grads”:

Although I would not recommend this route, it is important that you understand that it exists. The best book that I have seen on this very specific subject is The Law School Bible. Check it out here:

In addition, for a description of how somebody actually became a member of the California bar without attending law school see:


4 thoughts on “Becoming A Lawyer – No Law School

  1. dwayne rodney bell

    My dream has always been to become a lawyer. Unfortunately life happened! Is someone would be so kind as to steer me in the right direction, They might be surprised at what they recieve in return. Please E-mail me at

  2. Christian Peper

    Sadly, the law profession has been turned into a monopoly scam. Just like many other professions those who are lawyers want to restrict the entry of new lawyers (competition) so they are all too happy to support the silly 3 years of law school requirement to become a lawyer. Online law school is in many cases better than regular law school but online law study is not allowed in most states.

  3. annette

    its very hard to get another attorney to apprentice you in the us they all seem to feel for the most that they went to school and so should the baby bars, in my opinion sometimes some are in for money and if it involves too much time or money its a bother and a loss to most lawyers. After taking my first bar i was told u can not give advice , so just give opinion or just don’t talk at all. So many people were asking questions , so i think maybe it is kind of on the dangerous side for lawyers since thier clients are very confidential , and some one not sworn to uphold this is maybe scary to most lawyers. Since they are not under same obligation as the lawyer and they could have personality that has big words to spread not very inviting to the law system the way it is set up so its very hard to find someone to help further a career

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