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Part 8 – Personal Statements

Even though Ontario uses a common application form, different personal statements are required for different schools.

“GPA/LSAT figures may provide law schools with quick and handy ways to sort applicants into categories but it is often the personal statement that maes the difference in an admissions decision.”

– Pre-Law Advisors National Council

Principle 8 – Research the school. What kind of people are they looking for? Read the Dean’s message. How can I market myself specifically to this school?

How should a personal statement be composed? There is no rule, but what follows are some general thoughts:

A personal statement should:

  1. be about you
  2. ensure that general statements are backed up by specific facts or experiences
  3. show that you are a competent, well-rounded, positive and motivated person
  4. explain how significant events contributed to the development of your personality
  5. be interesting and tell a story
  6. explain why you are interested in that school and be directed to the requirements of that school
  7. be responsive to the precise question asked and the personality of the school
  8. have a theme or organizing principle
  9. explain jobs, activities and awards
  10. describe facts from which the reader will infer that you have certain qualities or attributes
  11. have a strong opening
  12. be well written
  13. use simple language
  14. have no typos or grammatical errors
  15. respect the directions concerning length

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