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So, you want to become a lawyer in Canada

Becoming a licensed lawyer in Canada

Law School Bound - Richardson

Law School Bound – Richardson

Lawyers in Canada are members are one or more of the bars of Canada’s provinces. In order to be become a member of the bar in a Canadian province, you must complete the “lawyer licensing process” in that particular province. In general, the “lawyer licensing process” includes completing a period of “articling” and passing bar exams.

Therefore, to become a lawyer in Canada one must be be allowed to complete the “lawyer licensing process”.

Graduates of law schools outside of Canada

In order to complete the “lawyer licensing process”, graduates of law schools outside of Canada are required to have a “Certificate of Equivalency” from the National Committee on Accreditation (“NCA”).

Canadians attending law school in the U.K.

In recent years it has become more and more common for Canadians to attend law school outside of Canada. A large number of these people attend law schools in the U.K. It is possible for Canadians to attend law school in the U.K. and become lawyers in Canada.

Graduates of law schools in Canada

Graduates of law schools in Canada are allowed to enter the “lawyer licensing process” on the strength of their Canadian law degree.

Applying to law school in Canada

In general your “law school application” will include:

– a transcript of your university grades

– your LSAT test score

– a law school personal statement

– law school letters of reference

About the LSAT

Those applying to Canadian law schools are (in general) required to submit an LSAT score.  Those who apply to law schools outside of Canada are NOT (in general) required to submit an LSAT score.

The vast majority of applicants to Canadian law schools undertake some form of LSAT preparation. Your options for LSAT Preparation include:

or a combination of the above.



LSAT Preparation Courses Toronto

Dear Pre-Law Student:


Congratulations on your decision to take the LSAT in June. John Richardson will be offering three LSAT prep course formats in Toronto for the June 10, 2013 LSAT. They are taught at St. Michael’s College on the downtown campus of the University of Toronto.

Your LSAT teacher will “make or break” your prep experience. You are invited to meet John, attend a free sample LSAT class, and receive a free LSAT Logic Games workbook on Sunday April 28, 2013. This will also give you an “Early Bird” start to your June LSAT Prep.

We have four complete Toronto LSAT course formats for June:

1. Mastering The LSATSee why there is no course like this one! – $999

S. A – May 4 – June 8

S. B May 11 – June 8

S. C May 18 – June 8

2. Victoria Day Weekend LSAT Prep – May 18,19, 20 plus June 8 – $699

3. Four Saturday LSAT Prep –  May 4, 11, 25, June 1 plus June 8 – $799

4. One Weekend Toronto LSAT Prep – May 11, 12 plus June 8- $495

For those who do NOT want a complete LSAT course, but who desire only an LSAT Logic Games prep course, our “Logic Games Toolbox” course is available in Toronto on May 4 and May 12. It is also available at other locations.

If you have questions feel free to call us (yes, we still communicate by phone) at 416 410 7737.

We look forward to helping you get into law school and become a lawyer!

John Richardson, B.A., LL.B., J.D.