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1 thought on “Pre-Law Forum Networking – Facebook

  1. Michael Mugridge

    I am not very experienced in facebook or any other chat sites. I was admitted to practice as a lawyer in Australia in 1986 and have practiced in Queensland ever since, i.e. for the last 22 odd years. I left Australia in July this year and went to the United Kingdom under a visa which entitles me to live and work there. After spending about 3 months in the UK my family and I decided that we do not want to live there. I now want to move to the US or Canada and practice there.The enquiries I have made to date indicate that I must have an employer sponsor me so I can obtain a green card as a member of the “professions” having practiced for at least 5 years post admission. Further it seems that I would need to take the bar exam of the state in which I intend to practice.
    I would be prepared to work for an employer for little or no remuneration initially in exchange for that employer sponsoring me to come to the US. I would then prove my worth as a lawyer (or paralegal) and do whatever is required to become admitted.I have sufficient funds to keep my family for 12 months or so to enable me to do these things.I would think it would be attractive for any employer to have me work as a paralegal in the interim period as they would be getting the services of an experienced lawyer for the price of a much lesser experienced person.If there is anyone who could help me or give me some advice it would be really appreciated. I am very keen to get started and continue my career.I have extensive litigation experience both in the preparation and presentation as advocate. I also have experience in commercial matters including conveyancing, leasing, contracts etc.

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