Becoming A Lawyer – Canada

Part 5 – Bar Admission In Canadian Provinces

So, you want to be a lawyer! Unfortunately, graduating from law school is only the first step. After graduating from a Canadian law school (be careful it is hard to become a lawyer in Canada without graduating from a Canadian school) you must complete the Bar Admission Course in the province you wish to practice. You may graduate from any Canadian law school and become a lawyer in any Canadian province. You need not graduate from law school in the province you wish to practice.

The Bar Admission Course consists of a combination of “articling” and a “classroom component.” It takes from ten to eighteen months to complete (depending on the province).

Further information on the requirements for each province may be found at:

To see the complete article from which this has been excerpted see:


8 thoughts on “Becoming A Lawyer – Canada

  1. Ali

    I Am Iranian Lawyer In Iran And I Graduate In Law (Msc)

    My Major Is Private Law(Including To Some Extent Criminal Law,Family Law,Civil Law Etc…)

    I Want Immigrate To Canada,But I Concern About My Job In Canada

    Law Major In Iranian Universities Is Islamic Law

    With This Situation Is There Any Chance For Me With This Educations In Canada For Finding Legal Jobs?Or I Should Go To University In Canada

    Could You Give Me Some Informations About Law Major In Canada?


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  3. Michael

    Hi there,
    I have an English Law Degree, and i plan to train in England. However, i would like to move away from England, and i am wondering for some advice and information about going to Canada with my LLB.

  4. Avtar

    Hello, I am a Lawyer from India with many years of experience and presently working in as a Registered Foreign Lawyer with a law firm. If I moved to Canada is it possible to transfer my Licence to Canada and worked as a Lawyer.

  5. Chunyi Lai

    Hi, I am an international student attending a Canadian post-secondary institute. I want to ask if there will be any restrictions for non-Canadians or non permanent residence to practice law in Canada. (e.g. People with only a international status)

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