Becoming A Lawyer – International

Globalization Of The Legal Profession

As the world becomes more and more interconnected, lawyers will find themselves practising law and/or giving legal advice outside their home jurisdictions.

Here is a link to a lecture given at the Harvard Leadership In Law Conference in 2006.

Or if you prefer a pdf file:


5 thoughts on “Becoming A Lawyer – International

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  2. Rajpal Bhullar

    I want to prepare for following courses :
    1.Foundations of Canadian law
    2. Criminal law
    3. Constitutional law
    4. Property
    5. Contract
    Please advise me how and where I can have access to sample papers of last exams and other relevant information?
    I would be grateful to you for these enquiries.

  3. Terry Mooney

    Hi, My wife is a Supreme Court judge in Bejing, China and top notch lawyer, she graudate from University of Hong Kong, she now living in Canada. Can you please give advice as to how she can started to become lawyer here in Canada. What are the requirements to make that transition from being a lawyer in China to being a lawyer in Canada. I appreciate your consideration for helping me.
    Terry Mooney

  4. Rabi Mahajan

    I am a advocate. I practice in the Supreme Court, Bangladesh for 7 years. How can I practice in Canada as a lawyer. Pls reply.

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