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  1. Curtis Palmer

    I would like to find out more information on the prelaw forum? also alternative educational opportunities for law school other than the traditional means…also writing the LSAT? Canadian bar requirement secrets.

  2. Damithra dissanayaka

    Hellow ! I’m from srilanka and im 19. I want to do the LLB degree in canada ans become a lawyer in canada ! Can you all direct me the procedure to do that ! . I just finished my highschool and i did three subjects. I only get one credit pass for Information technology ! I really like to do law for my future career! The reason i chose canada because my some of relations are in canada ! And if u could help me to do this !! Really it will help for my future career. Thank you !

  3. Aastha Khurana

    HI I am into my last year of graduation from INDIA. I want to pursue bachelors of law from a canadian university. I shall be highly obliged if you can please help me with the procedure

  4. Vani

    Hello. I recently qualified as an attorney in my home country of Trinidad. I was wondering what the exact procedure is that I would be required to undertake if I want to qualify and practise in Ontario, Canada. Can you please send me some information on such???

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