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@DwightNewmanLaw: British Columbia’s lawyers overstepped their bounds in rejecting TWU

National Post

Today, the Chief Justice of British Columbia’s Supreme Court begins hearing the case brought by Trinity Western University (TWU) to challenge the decision of the Law Society of British Columbia to reject TWU’s law degrees, so that its graduates cannot practise law. The case is complicated, but there are very viable reasons for the court to find that the Law Society acted illegally and violated its statutory mandate to regulate in accordance with the public interest.

The Law Society of British Columbia acts under a statutory duty to “to uphold and protect the public interest in the administration of justice,” including by “establishing standards and programs for the education, professional responsibility and competence of lawyers and of applicants for call and admission.”

In recent years, Canadian law societies have had to consider several new law school proposals. They established a national process so that these proposals could be considered efficiently…

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